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Cockpit Series Books 1-4 Boxed Set

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The Parkers are ready to whisk you away to a world full of romance and steamy adventure in this heartfelt and contemporary romance series.

Cockpit Christmas

Six hot pilots are ready and waiting for you to take off with them! Pack your bags and get to the airport! It’s time to join the mile high club with a brand new romance series starting this Christmas!

Take Me Away

What happens when a sexy workaholic CEO and pilot meets a spirited woman with a passion for helping pandas?

Liam Parker, the eldest of the Parker's has helped build the family business to be the best elite charter airline service in the world. His CEO position is a taxing day in and day out job, leaving little to no room for anything else. He has never questioned the time he sacrifices to Parker Airlines, until Heaven.

Pandas are Heaven Samsons whole world. When she escaped the darkness that had become her life, she found refuge in the unconditional love of these beautiful creatures. That very love pushed her to move past trying times, build her self esteem and root her feet back on solid ground to become the strong independent woman she is.

Take Me Anywhere

After almost losing his life in a horrific plane crash, Warren Parker locks himself away in a humble beach rental where he can hide from the world. As he finally makes his way out of the shadows and into the sun, he discovers that sometimes when you step outside of your own world, you find a whole new one is waiting.

Resilient and driven Ali Price is determined not to let her ex- husband take anything else from her. She's been hurt before and knows she has what it takes to bounce back. With a water tight five year plan to get her life on track, Ali won't let anything stand in her way. When a stranger arrives in town with mysterious green eyes and a desolate expression, will Ali's plan fall to pieces, or will a serendipitous meeting bring two healing hearts together at a time when they both need someone more than they care to admit?

Take Me Completely

Hope Carson is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Her touring life on the road is a constant whirlwind, and she’s more than struggling to keep up. Living the dream has turned out to be nothing like she’d hoped. When she’s offered a trip from a swoon-worthy pilot to go to Rome, will she have the courage to take a chance on a new dream?

Sullivan Parker is attracted to anything in a short skirt and heels, so when a mysterious brunette in a golden dress pops up in his layover bar of choice, of course she has his attention. Little does he know how much that shot of liquor will cost him. This painfully beautiful lost soul is about to demand his heart.

Pack your suitcase and get ready for take off. Your VIP flight departs today!

***Adult content +18 reading only

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